10. So Ungrateful (Brightness Of A Texico Night)

so ungrateful...

for the mothers
for the breeze
for candles
for all night ten cent stores
for cork and corkscrews
for the ability to measure time
for warm liquid in the morning
for caller id

for ladders and crystal chandeliers
for perfume and shadows

so ungratful...

for graceful companions
for flat serves
for 11 resolutions
for reading articulation
for God's Word
for eye lashes and long, staring smiles
for 12 month subscriptions
for cash

for working parts
for the view from the moon

so ungrateful...

listen all you brothers and sisters,
all you amigos and senoritas.

we all have times like these,
these are our times.

problem with getting what you want,
is the satisfying.

only lasts about a minute or two, don't it,
always thought we would feel better.

our sorry lot just asks for more,
begging like beggars for acceptance.

never understanding who they are,
or why they were able to live this life.

a box of bones await that man,
dust kicking up as he walks the road.

for me, i'm a grateful sort,
grateful for starlets and neon lights and
the brightness of a texico night.